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Remortgaging generally takes place when your mortgage is nearing the end of its fixed term. 

Many people look to remortgage in order to secure a better deal or to look into releasing some equity from their property. Whatever the reason might be, our expert mortgage advisors can be by your side to help you look at your options.


If you went with Eden House Mortgages to get your current mortgage, then you usually will receive a reminder from us 6 months before your fixed terms ends. You might be thinking that this is a little soon, however, we do this to encourage you to look early in order to be prepared and look at your options. Furthermore, as your fixed term ends, you will be automatically put on the standard variable rate (SVR) which will usually impact your mortgage payments by increasing.


In some cases, people look to capital raise when they are looking to remortgage, this is also known as releasing equity. Many people look to capital raise so they can fund larger developments like home improvements, or to consolidate debt.


Before securing any debts against your home, we always advise seeking expert mortgage advice.